Data Rollover

1: What is Data Rollover?

2: What bundle plans qualify for Data rollover?

3: How can I Rollover unused data of Anytime bundles?

4: How can I rollover unused data of Weekly bundles?

5: How can I rollover unused data of Deile bundles?

6: How much does the Data Rollover service cost?

7: If I have a Connect bundle and recharge with a Deile, Weekly, or Anytime bundle, can I rollover my unused data in my current bundle?

8: How will I know that my unused data has rolled over?

9: What is the validity period of the unused data rolled over?

10: Do I need a unique code to activate Data Rollover?

11: Does my data rollover balance accumulate if I recharge with multiple bundles?

12: Once I recharge and my unused data has rolled over, which one do I use first?

13: What happens if to my unused data if I do not recharge before validity expires?