Data rollover frequently asked questions

What is Data Rollover?

A:   Data Rollover enables you to carry over unused data to the next month so you do not lose what you have not used.

Q: What bundle plans qualify for Data rollover?

A:  Data Rollover will be is available on Anytime monthly bundles only. Data Daily, Weekly and SmileUnlimited monthly bundles cannot be rolled over.

Q: How can I Rollover unused data of Anytime bundles?

A: Recharge with another qualifying* Anytime monthly bundle between day 1 to 30 of the existing active bundle.

*A qualifying Anytime monthly bundle would be any bundle that is equal to, bigger or one size smaller than the Anytime bundle from which there is unused data to roll over. For example, if you have unused data of a 10GB Anytime bundle, data will rollover if you recharge with a 5GB Anytime bundle, or 10GB Anytime bundle or bigger.

Q: How much does the Data Rollover service cost? 

A:  It is completely FREE to qualifying customers. Remember to have an active Anytime bundle from which there is data balance for rollover to take effect.

Q: If I have a bundle that is not Anytime and I recharge with an Anytime bundle, can I rollover my unused data in my current bundle?

A:  No, you will not be able to roll over any unused data on a bundle that is not an Anytime bundle. Only Anytime monthly bundles qualify for rollover. You have to have an Anytime bundle and recharge with another qualifying Anytime to rollover. E.g if you have a weekly or daily bundle and recharge with an Anytime bundle the unused data in your current bundle will not rollover. 

Likewise, if you have an active Anytime monthly bundle and recharge with a different type of bundle that is NOT an Anytime monthly bundle, you will not be able to roll over your unused balance. E.g. if you recharge with a SmileDeile or wiki or Unlimited bundle, you will not be able to rollover your current Anytime balance.

Q: How will I know that my unused data has rolled over? 

A:  You will receive an SMS confirming the balance amount that has rolled over and the new validity date.

Q: What is the validity period of the unused data rolled over?

A:  The expiry date of unused data that rolled over will be matched to the new recharged Anytime bundle validity.

Q: Do I need a special code to activate Data Rollover?

A: Your unused data will automatically roll over as soon as you recharge with qualifying Anytime bundle.

Q: Does my data rollover balance accumulate if I recharge multiple bundles?

A:  No. You can only rollover once a month.

Q: Once I recharge and my unused data has rolled over, which one do I use first?

A. Rolled over data will be used first, then data from the new data bundle

Q: What happens if to my unused data if I do not recharge before validity expires?

A:  Unused data will be forfeited if the recharge of another qualifying bundle takes place after the validity of the unused data expired.