Voice - FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Where do I get the SmileVoice App?

Do I have to buy SmileVoice local minutes?

What bundle must I buy to get SmileVoice?

Is there a separate SmileVoice bundle I need to buy to use SmileVoice?

I’m already a Smile customer, how do I get SmileVoice?

I’m not a Smile customer – how do I get SmileVoice?

What do I need to use SmileVoice?

How do I get started with SmileVoice?

If I’m on a call using the SmileVoice App and I get another call on my 2G/3G network, will my call be disconnected or is there a call-waiting option?

When I make SmileVoice when connected to another data network, will it affect the quality of my calls?

What’s the minimum speed for the best SmileVoice quality?

Can I just get SmileVoice and not SmileData?

Can I port from my GSM network to SmileVoice?

Does SmileVoice offer a voicemail service?

How much does SmileVoice calls cost?

What is SmileVoice?

If I buy a VoLTE handset, will I have the same SmileNumber for both my phone and the SmileVoice App?

Which data plans can I use to make SmileVoice calls?

How much does it cost to make a call using SmileVoice?

Will I be billed twice if I make a call from my SmileVoice App over my Smile mobile 4G LTE internet?

Will I be charged when I receive a call?

If I make a SmileVoice call to another Smile customer who has no data left in their bundle, will they be able to receive the call?

How do I check my Voice balance?

How do I activate SmileVoice to make voice calls?

Which data plans can I use to make voice calls using SmileVoice or the Smile 4G LTE SIM card in my VoLTE-enabled handset?

Do I need to cap my speed to reduce data depletion?