Frequently Asked Questions

SIM Card Deletion

What should I do in the event of deactivation?

In the event of deactivation, a subscriber who wishes to activate his/her account will be required to do the following: -

  • a. Visit any nearby Smile Shop and purchase a new simcard.
  • b. Complete the Simcard Registration Process as a new customer:-
    • i. Present your valid ID (i.e. passport, driving license, voter's card or national ID)
    • ii. Biometric scanning as per the recent TCRA regulation.

Who is impacted?

Subscribers whose SIM(s) remain in dormant state for 180days and above and have made no request in writing.

What is SIM deletion?

Simcard deletion is a process which is governed by the EPOCA Regulations 2018 that requires a telecom licensee to deactivate and recycle a SIM card which remains in idle state for ninety (90) days consecutively, except in the event where a subscriber has notified the licensee in writing that the SIM card shall remain idle for 90 days for a particular reason but not exceeding 12 months.

In lieu of the above, Smile reserves the right to automatically deactivate and recycle any SIM card which remains in idle state for more than 180 days consecutively.

What should I do to avoid deactivation?

In order to avoid service cancellation and re-registration inconvenience, the following will help:

  • Keep your SIM(s) active by recharging with a bundle. Choose from the selection of either the daily, weekly or monthly bundles.
  • Notify the Licensee in writing, via, in advance, that the Sim(s) will remain idle for 90 days however that SIM cannot remain in idle state for more than 12 months from the date of notification.

How will I know if I am about to get deactivated?

  • You will receive an SMS notification on day 90 of inactivity, in the mobile number you registered with Smile, advising you to activate your account to avoid deactivation.
  • If you keep being inactive till day 173, you will receive another SMS notification giving you advance warning that your SIM will be deactivated in 7days. It is advisable to immediately recharge with a bundle to avoid deactivation.

Please note, there will be no further notifications after the second SMS. Automated deactivation will take place on day 180 of inactivity. You can keep up to date with your account activity status by simply checking your last recharge date from your MySmile account.

What will happen to the airtime in my account?

Airtime will be deleted and lost and cannot be recovered.

Can I get my number back?

The deleted number will be recycled and made available to any new customer. In case it is still available, you can still get the number back when you buy a NEW SIM.

What should I do to avoid being deactivate if I will be travelling for a while?

You should immediately contact our 24/7 customer care team, in writing, by sending an email to Customercare giving details on the duration you intend to remain in idle state however, the inactivity request should not exceed 90days.

How much will I pay to get a new simcard to reactivate my account?

You will pay Tsh 24,000 for a new simcard which includes 1GB FREE. Please note the registration requirements stated in What should I do in the event of deactivation. Incomplete registered SIM will not be activated until full KYC is complied.