Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I need SmileUnlimited?

The Unlimited bundles provide you peace of mind of internet spend. You are guaranteed online access for the period and at the speed you have chosen. No provider gives you the flexibility for choice.

It has no doubt been difficult to predict exactly how much data and more often than not you run out of data forcing you to dig in your pocket again. It’s time to enjoy complete internet freedom at fixed budget and the speed you want.

SmileUnlimited offers keeps you connected for 30 days, irrespective your total data usage. However – you might not need SmileUnlimited. If you are a light data user and you are not very concerned about high-speed access (for example to stream video real-time, watch online movies or play online games) then our SmileLite 1GB and SmileLite 2GB bundles are ideal. Visit and take a look at the various bundles available. Whatever the budget you have, we will meet your expectations.

What happens if I purchase any of the Unlimited bundle whilst I have another type of bundle active? What happens to the initial data?

The newly purchased Unlimited bundle takes priority. Unused bundles remain valid till the end of its validity period. No roll over.

For how long will this promotion last?

The new Unlimited bundles have been improved to meet what our customers have been asking for and therefore will be available for quite some time.

What happens if I purchase an Unlimited bundle and have to travel outside Smile network?

Smile services are now available in seven major cities – Dar, Arusha, Moshi, Mbeya, Dodoma, Morogoro and Mwanza.

If you are a customer travelling outside Smile network, please contact the customer care team on 0662 100 100 or email and request for your data balance to be reserved until you return.

Can I use a Smartphone to access the service ?

All 4G LTE enabled handsets e.g Samsung J1 or S6 can access this bundle and any other Smile bundles including SmileVoice via Smile SIM. If not registered, you may shop online or call 0662 100 100 for assistance.

Is this just a promotion and you will later change it back to the old bundle?

No, this is a product that has been improved to meet what our customers have been asking for and will be available for quite some time.

Can I use my Unlimited bundle to make local and international voice calls on SmileVoice?

Unfortunately no. Offnet calls incur high charges for both you and Smile and therefore not feasible to provide Unlimited calls at this time. However, the newly launched SmileVoice bundle offers 330min and 1000SMS to any network anywhere via your 4G LTE phone or SmileVoice App for only Tsh10,000. It is the lowest call price in the market.

How can I get the service?

These bundles are applicable on any Smile device and 4G enabled Smartphones.

New customers
Purchase a MiFi2 or Wifi Router which is bundled with FREE 6Mbps Unlimited.
Shop online
Purchase any other Smile starter kit and recharge separately any of the
Unlimited bundles with the speed of your choice.

Existing customer
Recharge directly via any of the mobile payment provider of choice and pay the
exact amount.
Recharge online via PesaPal or Paypal using Visa and MasterCard. No extra
Recharge airtime with MySmile.

Will the speed slow down and be just like the old one?

Maximum Bit Rate/Speed shall be applicable as a best effort bandwidth, but the user will never go below the guaranteed bit rate.

Why are you selling Unlimited Bundles for 30 days with different price?

The segmented offers are tailored to suit different budgets in order to provide our customers convenience and complete internet freedom. Whether they need monthly or weekly, the choice is yours.

What’s so special about these bundles unlike the others?

Bundles are completely uncapped unlike the previous bundles that limited to 50GB with speed capping range from 4Mbps to 256Kbps. This is no longer the case.
Guaranteed constant reliable speed at all times.
Provides internet freedom of usage. Unlimiting one’s experience.
Freedom to only pay for what one needs – selecting speed of choice.

How do these bundles differ from one another?

Speed up to 2Mbps for 7 days for only Tsh35,000.
Ideal for individuals.
Best for social media, browsing, emails and limited streaming.

Speed up to 2Mbps for 30 days for only Tsh70,000.
Ideal for individuals.
Best for social media, browsing, emails and limited streaming.

Speed up to 6Mbps for 30 days for only Tsh115,000.
Ideal for small individuals, home use and small businesses.
Best for browsing, emails, online studies, limited streaming.

Speed up to 21Mbps for 30 days for only Tsh210,000.
Ideal for home use and Businesses.
Best for all online experiences including and live streaming at HD or game

How many New Unlimited bundles are there?

There are 4 New Offers: