Holiday BONUS terms of use

The Holiday BONUS offer is available for a short period of time, from 18th December 2017 to 18th January 2018, and associated terms of use apply, as follows:

  • The Holiday BONUS offer is available only to new customers joining Smile for the first time during the period 18th December 2017 to 18th January 2018.
  • The BONUS data is applicable when new customers recharge monthly with Anytime bundles only. BONUS data is not be available on recharges of Unlimited, Weekly and Daily data bundles.
  • BONUS data is valid for 30 days.
  • New customers joining Smile with a kit that includes Unlimited bundles, will only be eligible for this BONUS data if they recharge with Anytime bundles.
  • Should a new customer that joined Smile with a kit that includes an Anytime bundle choose to recharge with an Unlimited bundle, he/she will not be eligible for BONUS data.
  • BONUS data is only provided upon recharge of new Anytime data bundles.
  • The BONUS data received will become available after the depletion of the paid-for bundle.
  • Customers who receive the BONUS data offer will not receive other recharge offers for the 3 months that they are eligible for the BONUS data offer.
  • Unused BONUS data cannot be carried over to the next month or be used for SmileVoice calls.
  • The amount of BONUS data received is dependent on the Anytime data bundle the customer recharges with. Please refer below for more information.


Anytime data bundle

Data included

Bundle price (Tsh)

BONUS data

Percentage BONUS data

1GB Anytime


5,000 500MB


5GB Anytime

5GB 25,000 1GB


10GB Anytime

10GB 34,500 2.5GB


20GB Anytime

20GB 50,000 5GB


30G Anytime

30GB 65,000 10GB


50GB Anytime

50GB 90,000 10GB


70GB Anytime

70GB 120,000 30GB


100GB Anytime

100GB 160,000 50GB