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InternetFreedom is here with MpetoUnlimited!
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Enjoy InternetFreedom with our MpetoUnlimited bundles.

You can now do what you want, when you want, for as long as you want at the data speed you need. Just select from the range of MpetoUnlimited bundles according to the data speed that best suits your needs, valid for 7 days or 30 days.

Choose from:

  • UnlimitedWeekly with data speed up to 6Mbps, or
  • UnlimitedLite with data speed up to 2Mbps, or
  • UnlimitedEssential with data speed up to 6Mbps, or
  • UnlimitedPremium for data speed up to 21Mbps.

Get InternetFreedom at a fixed budget today when you recharge with the MpetoUnlimited bundle of your choice. Log into MySmile and pay with PesaPal or PayPal, with mobile money or visit any Smile Outlet.

Smile has put in place a Fair Usage Policy to encourage InternetFreedom and protect the Smile community when the usage of any customer negatively impacts the experience of other customers on the network.


SmileData bundles



Valid 7 days

Tsh 35,000



Valid 30 days

Tsh 70,000



Valid 30 days

Tsh 115,000



Valid 30 days

Tsh 210,000
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