SmileData and SmileVoice pricing and usage terms

    1. All prices include VAT.
    2. Data Rollover will be applied to Anytime monthly bundles only. Data rollover does not apply to Daily, Weekly or SmileUnlimited monthly bundles.
    3. In order to qualify for data rollover recharge with another qualifying Anytime monthly bundle between day 1-30 of the existing active bundle. A qualifying Anytime monthly bundle would be any bundle that is equal to, bigger or one size smaller than the Anytime bundle from which there is unused data to roll over. For example, if you have unused data of a 10GB Anytime bundle, data will rollover if you recharge with a 5GB Anytime bundle, or 10GB Anytime bundle or bigger.
    4. The expiry date of unused data that rolled over will be matched to the new recharged Anytime bundle validity.
    5. Unused data will be forfeited if the recharge of another qualifying bundle takes place after the validity of the unused data expired.
    6. Rolled over data will be used first, then data from the new data bundle.
    7. Access to media via torrent sites are not available with Unlimited bundles.
    8. All Anytime bundles include BONUS data and FREE data for Social Media.
    9. BONUS data and FREE data for Social Media is a limited offer and Smile reserves the right to amend this offer without prior notice.
    10. BONUS data and FREE data for Social Media can be used at any time of the day or night, 24/7.
    11. Unused BONUS data and FREE data for Social Media cannot be carried over beyond the validity period of the Anytime bundle it was provided with.
    12. In the event a customer recharges with a new Anytime bundle before the BONUS data and FREE data for Social Media is used (of the previous Anytime bundle), the remaining BONUS/FREE data offer will be valid the same period as the new Anytime bundle that the customer recharges with.
    13. Anytime paid-for data usage will take priority over BONUS data which takes priority over FREE data for Social Media. This means that the BONUS data will become available once the paid-for data bundle is depleted, and same for FREE data for Social Media.
    14. SmileAnytime bundles now include BONUS data and FREE Social Media which have associated Anytime Usage Policy.
    15. Unlimited bundles ensure connectivity to the Smile 4G LTE network for a period of 24-hours, 7 days or 30 days, as applicable from date of activation.
    16. A Fair Usage Policy applies to all Unlimited bundles.
    17. Unlimited is available for personal use only and not available for business use or wholesale.
    18. Unlimited can be used with one SIM card and one device.
    19. Should the usage of a user negatively impact the experience of other customers, the right is reserved to reduce the data speed of such a user.
    20. A Fair and Usage Policy has been put in place to protect the Smile community when usage of any customer negatively impacts the experience of others on the network.
    21. Multiple data bundles will be depleted on a ‘first-in, first-out’ basis.
    22. MidNite bundles are valid from midnight to 6AM.
    23. The out-of-bundle rate, which is equal to the in-bundle-rate, will be charged to a positive airtime balance in the associated Smile account.
    24. SmileVoice has a fair usage policy of 3,000 minutes per 30 days.
    25. SmileVoice calls are charged on a per second basis, from the first second.
    26. The MB/minutes call rate is displayed for ease-of-use and calls are charged in kilobytes/second to the active data bundle.
    27. International call rates are displayed in call rate per minute and charged per second. The data deducted for international calls are also displayed in MB per minute for ease-of-use.
    28. SmileVoice is not available for resell or wholesale customers.
    29. Refiling is illegal and Smile reserves the right to terminate services provided to any customer should it be suspected that any form of refiling or any other illegal activity is being conducted using SmileVoice or any other Smile service.

The price and usage terms will be read together with the General Smile Terms and Conditions of service.