Smile Unlimited

BONUS MidNite data included for FREE browsing

Revel in every moment of your internet experience whether it’s for work or play.

All SmileUnlimited bundles and SuperDeals now include a MidNite BONUS which does not contribute to the FUP of the Unlimited bundle. Unwind day or night, as you want, and no matter how and when you get online, you get 24/7 Unlimited access especially from MidNite to 6AM when listening to online music, streaming movies, or downloading files and browsing is FREE!

Achieve more at the office or on-the-go or better yet, work from home at your pace and still stay on top of your game with the most reliable internet. With SmileUnlimited bundles, you can select the plan that suits your internet-budget and according to the data speed that best suits your needs.  Who says one cannot balance work and play?

Have fun with the whole family at home for the ultimate online experience when connecting multiple devices to your Smile MiFi. You can choose any of the four SmileUnlimited bundles  and get everyone online. Stream movies, play online games and have online fun at a fixed budget per month.

If you are a new customer, shop online and get your Smile MiFi device delivered to your door or if you’re already a Smile customer recharge online with XpressRecharge  and pay with Visa, MasterCard, Paypal or via your mobile money provider of choice.

A Fair Usage Policy has been put in place to protect the Smile community when the usage of any customer negatively impacts the experience of others on the network.

SmileData bundles



Valid 7 days

Tsh 35,000



Valid 30 days

Tsh 75,000



Valid 30 days

Tsh 127,000



Valid 30 days

Tsh 235,000
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